Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Every Woman Should have a Relationship with the Cosmic Yoni Egg

This is a quick little video where I am giving a very brief intro about the various uses of the Cosmic Yoni Egg and why every woman should use it. I did this video myself, so my head is cut off for part of the's nothing fancy. Just want to get the info out. There is SO much to say about the Cosmic (Yoni) Egg. I have radio shows where I am talking about it for two hours and in my workshops I often spend 2hrs talking about it. So this is a very brief intro. For more, check out one of my classes...and look out for my book. CD and DVD that is coming soon.


  1. Working with U Makeda & this Yoni Egg has opened up a whole NEW world about MYSELF! I am thankful for this journey & thank the spirits for sending U may way! :-)

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  2. These eggs are no joke!

    After a week of not wearing my egg, I decided to do so again a few days ago. The lower back pain I was having for two weeks left instantaneously. My energy to get through the day came back. I felt some light cramping and gave myself an abdominal massage last night, figuring I would be starting my moon soon. Right on the money - she arrived this morning. I had the strongest feeling to leave my egg in (forgot she was there, even) and for good reason. I had an intense Het Hru's mirror moment: Heavy self-checking about my self-sabotaging relationship patterns. So hard it hurt. I did cry once I addressed it with my lover via text message - yet, of course, the damage had already been done. Nevertheless, it was good to see my program and delete it. Recoding my sacral, heart, third eye, and crown now to accept a new way of seeing and feeling safe to allow the love I've been asking for all along, right in front of me, to come in. ♥

  3. My cycle came today. Its a few days early. No cramps. Just a few very light indications that it was coming. I wore the eggs up until yesterday. I had no major PMS. No mood swings. A few pensive moments,but I havent cussed anybody out. Its been a great week as far as news is concerned but I also got some news that wasnt so great. Either way I am very pleased with how I have handled shit to say the least. Cuz I have been known to let folks have it,especially when I'm on my cycle. Looks like I'm healing just fine! Cant wait to get my next egg! #GRATEFUL!!!

  4. This egg is amazing!!! Now I have to explain first that I'm never one to get menstral cramps. It just never happens more than once or twice per year......but when I first began using Rose Quartz (off my cycle of course) I would get a slight cramp-like sensation. While the egg was placed inside I would meditate and pray specifically for the healing of my heart and womb. I would visualize perfect health.....these sensations would come and radiate throughout my lower region.....womb, thighs then legs..etc. initially I didn't connect the dots so to speak, but now i'm confident that what I was feeling was a release of something, dont know could've been fear, negativity but I definitely felt something physical happening. Also there were some things I had dealt with in my past that I had concluded would interfere with getting pregnant naturally,.....after several months of using this egg and feeling that release,
    I'm now expecting. We weren't trying per se....but it happened as if I was as fertile as a 22 yr old. This is a powerful tool when channeled with the appropriate energy and focus.

  5. When I first heard about the yoni egg (from one of Makeda's v-blogs) some almost 4 years ago I was totally enthralled by the fact that I could tone my vaginal walls to do such wonderful tricks with dicks! lol.....However, my journey with my eggs has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only was I able to remove myself from a 4 year abusive relationship...not only have I found a whole, new, divine love for myself and my yoni...but now I've also found my life purpose.

    Makeda, I never thought that your v-blog (the first I'd ever seen of your blogs and the first time I'd heard of yoni eggs) that this is the direction my life would have taken. It is also my dream to bring your fine ass to Barbados for a Sensual Training session by next summer (2013)! Onward Eggers!

    1. Love this!

      All the best with Waves of Bliss Barbados. I hope to attend a session, when I'm there for another visit - sun, sand & sensuality!

  6. Started my moon cycle yesterday and I can say that this is the first time I'm not experiencing severe cramping, back aches or moodiness. Having experiences with fibroids has caused extreme pain and lengthy menstrual cycles ranging from 7 days to 2 months since I was 10 years old. My last cycle lasted 6 days. I can honestly say working with rainbow obsidian has been " goddess sent" : ) oh and no bloating! Lol.

  7. I live on the westcoast. I haven't as yet been able to take any classes with Makeda. So considering my budget and my location i have really been restricted to learning what i can from her youtube videos and figuring out the egg work on my own. Sounds limited right? Something so simple and easy as buying an egg and putting it into my pussy before going about my daily business has CHANGED MY LIFE! Ok yeah, better orgasms and stronger vaginal contractions blah blah blah. It's amazing but not in comparison to the SELF LOVE I have been expressing. I am getting to know myself the way one does in the honey moon stages of a relationship. This small thing that I did is snow balling and the end result is a balanced and better ME! SOOOO get'chu one, or two, or three......:)

  8. Since I've been using the yoni egg, 10 months now, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned to appreciate my life, love on myself a little more, eliminate doubt about my abilities and who I am (a Goddess rising), and have been having the best sex ever! Not only am I physically stronger (tighter, wetter, more sensitive), mentally more aware, spiritually expanding (no fear, no shame, no guilt), and healing my womb from menstruation issues, I have been manifesting my desires at rapid speed. Yes! All of this since the introduction of these truly mystical gems. Makeda Voletta, you are a true Lioness Goddess! What you are bringing about is a miracle. Not only to women of color, but for sisterhood in general! Divine Feminine remembered...

  9. Using the eggs Makeda speaks about increase wetness tremendously! But even more than plain wetness, using the eggs with your yoni workouts greatly increases your sensitivity and will even cause you to squirt—and not only during intercourse---just juggling eggs. I speak from experience. The dam has burst. Makeda is doing a great service to humanity. This is more than just sex. This is knowing and being connected orgasmically to your yoni & your womb.

  10. I would still love an answer to my #2 question.

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  12. can anyone able to hold yoniegg in vegina very long periods when need to go toilets. can any women wear a yonnieggg a weak without removes it.

  13. How big should the egg be? I have a small one and I can only feel it slightly but I have no issues moving it from inside...