Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pre Fertility Diets for Women and Men - Part 1 of 2

It is no mystery how Indigenous groups of people were able to maintain such beauty and function well into old age, fully functional with no signs of disease.   Women in the Bush, women all over the world gave birth to babies for thousands of years without the assistance and complications of modern day.  And much of this is due to the way they prepared mentally and physically as well as Nutritionally.

It is important to note that Babies and Children are NOT like adults. Their requirements for Protein and Fat is more than twice the amount we need for each pound of body weight.  This is because they are rapidly going, their bones, muscles, and skin need protein. And the Human Brain is only about 20-30% of the size it is meant to be at birth. The few months following birth a baby's brain is rapidly developing and our brains are made from Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. This is why Breast Milk is about 50% Saturated Fat.  Foods like, Pasture Eggs, Raw Grass Fed Butter, Grass Fed Raw Milk, Fish, Fish Eggs, and Liver were widely consumed by Pregnant women around the world in large quantities.  In my practice I have come across many instances in which a baby or child was not thriving due to the vegan diet of the parents. For any women who are pregnant or interested in becoming pregnant I HIGHLY recommend the book "Real Food For Mothers and Babies" by: Nina Planck.  Her book as well as this video has info for the Women and Men.

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